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I recently purchased a domain name. We'll call it The previous owner of the domain had a Google Apps account.

Now that I own the domain, I want to create a Google Apps account so I can point the domain to one of my Google App Engine domains. We'll call it

Google App Engine won't allow me to add the domain without verifying ownership by creating a Google Apps account or logging into Google Apps, but I don't have access to the old Google Apps account.

We've tried going to this address to take ownership: 

We retrieved a new password, but it wouldn't tell us what the login name is. How do you find out the login name?

I tried it out and got the same problem. There doesn't appear to be a way to retrieve the username. I guess you'll have to contact Google about it

  • Do you think maybe they mean the default admin account, 'admin'. I tried that. No luck :(

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